It seems, installments without a credit card will now be a profitable shopping option. That was caused by conventional credit cards also starting to be abandoned.

According to a survey from Eduland 45 percent of the millennial generation do not understand the credit card interest rates they use. Meanwhile, three out of five millennials actually have accumulated debt due to difficulties in managing finances because of credit cards.

In essence, this one startup will make it easier for consumers to shop every month to buy clothes, accessories, beauty products, and household appliances, through the payment center alias POS (Point of Sales). You can buy now pay later by using this application!

Installment features without a credit card that is much different from other platforms, this feature may be more profitable for you.

1. Installments without a credit card with zero percent interest pay 4 times

1. Installments without a credit card with zero percent interest pay 4 times

This is the feature that is most highlighted by , namely shopping installments with 0 percent interest. However, the tenor is four times the payment, and the billing will be done bi-weekly.

Is it ideal enough for you? Or is the tenor short?

In fact, this POS payment method also benefits merchants. Because it can increase sales, conversion rates, and expedite the merchant’s cash flow .

Most important is, merchants are also saved from credit risk and fraud!

“We see the payment solution offered by Lender bank as one of the credit products that best understands Indonesian consumers. When consumers buy a product through , they only need to pay according to the price stated in the store because we don’t charge any interest for any transaction, “said the CEO, in a press release sent to Astro Finance.

“As a responsible lender, we are committed to assisting customers in making shopping decisions that are in accordance with their financial capabilities, as well as preventing the accumulation of debt burden which can cause financial and emotional difficulties,” he continued.

2. Who can use this service?

2. Who can use this service?

What are the requirements for being able to enjoy the services on the platform? Of course, this service is aimed at those who don’t have a credit card.

However, the user must be a person who is 21 years old, has a permanent job, earns a minimum of5 million, and holds a 3D Secured card.

Do you meet the above criteria? If you have done, please go shopping using the Kali Kali feature.

3. Have collaborated with many merchants

3. Have collaborated with many merchants

Just so you know, has worked with more than 100 well-known local brands on its platform and plans to hook 1,000 brands by the end of 2020! Wow, lots of bagets, more and more brand references.

But by the way, you can also work with them if you have a business. The way is easy.

You only need to register on the Lender bank website by filling out the form. After that, will contact you to confirm the data, if it is okay there will be an agreement signing, and integration using the API so that your store can connect with their application.