Money Loan Services to Get Funds in Fast Time

When we need an emergency fund right away, we’re always confused about where to apply for a loan. There are money lending services that you can rely on because the disbursement process is so fast. Let’s see!

Anyone must have been in a state of the desperate need of urgent funds, whether for personal or family reasons. For example, when paying for hospital bills, paying for school tuition, renovating houses, getting married, fixing cars, and so on.

If it’s like this. Usually, people will apply for a loan so that their immediate needs can be met immediately. But borrowing funds isn’t as easy as you might imagine, so people will usually lend it to friends or close relatives first. There are actually some quick money lending services that you need to know.

Three Fast Cash Lending Services

Three Fast Cash Lending Services

There are at least three quick money lending services in Indonesia that you can go to when you need funds and want to apply for loans:


The first money lending service is definitely the bank that lends money to the public. This bank is guaranteed security so you don’t have to worry about lending to your bank. There are two types of loans offered by banks: Credit Unsecured and Multiple Credit. Credit Unsecured is a type of loan that does not require collateral or collateral, whereas Multiple Credit is a type of loan that requires asset assurance such as home certificates up to BPKB (Motor Vehicle Ownership Book). The terms of the application are no different.

All you have to do is provide a National Identity Card, National Identity Number, Tax Slip Number, Payroll slip, newspaper accounts for the last 3 months, and active credit card for at least 1 year. Whereas for Multiple Credit there are additional asset document requirements that must be submitted.



Next is a Pawnshop that is one of the money lending services of your choice. The way you apply, you have to pay off your assets, whether it’s gold, home or land certificates, CPCs, and so on. The loan amount you can repay depends on the value of the asset you have.

But usually, a nominal amount can be between 70-80% of the asset’s selling value. In contrast to many bank-owned credit products, this simple loan from Pawnshop is a relatively quick process. You can get a loan within 1-3 business days.

Good Credit

Good Credit

Cooperative money lending services are often the goal of the public if they are unable to obtain loans from banks and Pawnshops. If you are applying for a cooperative loan, there is no guarantee you will need to provide, but the basic requirement is that you must be a cooperative member first because only a member can apply for a cooperative loan. Interest on cooperative loans is lower than other types of loans.

However, loan funds are not available as much as other types of loans because the source of cooperative funds comes only from the members’ dues. Other conditions for applying for a cooperative loan are a government-issued ID, ID, pay slip or income statement, family card, and electricity or PDAM account as proof of residence.

The last money lending service is an online loan from Good Credit. Good Credit is a secure and trusted online loan application as it is registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority). For funds available from Good Credit loans can reach a maximum of $ 20 million. As for the installment period you can choose up to 180 days (6 months). The conditions for applying for a Good Credit online loan are very simple.

  • Download the Good Credit app on the PlayStore or AppStore
  • Sign up by filling in your personal information in the form of your full name, email address, and phone number
  • Do logged into aplikasiIsi requirements requested documents
  • Determine the loan amount you want and the tenor of your loan
  • Click apply and wait for Good Credit to process your 24-hour online loan application


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